Whether we like it or not, people absolutely judge a book by its cover. This is why if you are a corporate professional, model, actor or actress, author, or someone who’s image is important to their business or branding, then you need to have a good headshot. The key is to work with a photographer who understands your needs for quality photography and can work with you to get you a headshot that best represents who you are and the look you are wanting to portray to others. That is why I do a special consultation with all my headshot clients before I ever pickup the camera. This is how I’m able to effectively deliver the result you are looking for in your personal image. In addition to doing studio or on-location headshots, I also am a specialist in retouching your image so it gives you the best possible representation of yourself. I can even bring an entire studio to your trade-show or corporate office for headshots as well. I’ve done headshots for world famous celebrities, best-selling authors, life coaches, entrepreneurs, large and small business owners, world famous models, and a wide variety of actors and actresses. If you are in need of high-quality, professional headshots here in Las Vegas, then please CONTACT ME or call me today at 702-204-1740.