Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is the category of photography that probably the most frequently debated as to what it actually is. It’s a little bit of sexy, a little bit of portrait photography, and a mix of a lot of other styles combined to make a provocative image that interests the viewer. If you ask ten photographers what glamour photography is, you’re likely to get eleven different answers. For me, good glamour images come from not only working with a great model, but the scene…the wardrobe…the context of how the photo comes together to tell a story about the model in the picture. I’ve had the luxury of doing creative glamour shoots on five continents with models from around the world and I’m fortunate that many of the photos below have been published in a wide variety of magazines, billboards, marketing materials, and more. Whether it’s on-location or in my studio, glamour photography is most certainly one of the most fun ways for me to shoot. Interested in setting up your own amazing glamour shoot? Then please CONTACT ME or call me today at 702-204-1740.