Bagelmania Samples

Some sample images and photos for Bagelmania

These are some graphic and photographic projects that I wanted to explain in a bit more detail.

This was a photo shoot I did for a local Lady Gaga impersonator. I did the photo shoot and layout for this billboard, which was on display throughout Las Vegas when she was performing at the Mirage. We actually shot this at one of your properties, Rumor.

This is a composite shoot I did for a local company website. We shot this in their offices with everyone being shot separately and I composited the image together with the logos, design, and even the baloons. Everything was storyboarded prior to the shoot so we knew where to position everyone for the final image.

This is a brochure I just completed for a local home renovations company…

Here are a few more graphic projects I’ve done… 

Here are some samples of food/culinary shoots I’ve done…

These are some of the creative projects I’ve done that involve a variety of different techniques.

Showgirl shoot I did for Hainan Airlines. They used this photo in variety of locations including their website home page and billboards scattered around the airport

Shoot for a giant banner that was hanging over a booth at an industrial machinery expo. We shot the model in studio, composited her out, and then cleaned up and masked the photo of a giant wheel the client sent me from his iPhone and I put it all together for them…

This was an ad for a local ad campaign. The bottle photo was shot in studio along with the wood. I manipulated the images and did the Photoshop work with the company logo to make it look like it was burned into the wood.

This was shot for a national magazine, Quick Throttle. The motorcycle and city background were shot separately and over 75 different retouching elements and modifications went into making the photo…

This model was a retired ballerina and booked me to do an aerial shoot for her out at a dry lake bed outside of Las Vegas. The only issue was, there was no wind to catch the fabric she is holding. The photo was shot with her in the air and then I photographed the fabric in my backyard once we got a wind storm and the images were composited together.

Here are some event photos that I have shot over the years from a wide variety of different corporate parties, conferences, private events, seminars, and more…

Here are a variety of different videos I’ve produced…

This is an example of some of the larger video projects I’ve done. This was for a 5,000 person, four day event with over 100 speakers, a keynote stage, five breakout sessions, a 200 booth expo floor with a ton of creative elements going on at once, and large corporate party on the last night. 

This is from last years’ Consumer Electronics Show. We had two shoots for TCL taking place at the same time, one in their booth on the main floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center and this, which was a large press release of some of their newer products. This was a two-camera shoot, where I was filming in the back and I had a second videographer shooting from a gimbal through the room and I edited it into the finished video.

This conference travels around to Las Vegas ever three years and this is one of several highlight videos we shot and produced for them. The conference is related to food service for convenience stores and advanced types of food service vending machines. This particular video is targeting attendees, while we produced a similar video targeting the vendors to show the benefits of renting booths for the next  years’ event. As this is more targeted to attendees there is a bit more “pizzaz” in it. 

These videos were made for the same conference as the video above (NAMA). These are teaser videos that we shoot and edit on-site before the end of each day of the conference so that the show producers can send out to all the attendees via email and also post to different social media networks.

I shoot a lot of interview-based video for corporate executives, public speakers, attorneys, etc. This first video is one of many teaser videos we shot with executives from Expedia about an upcoming conference they were having.

This interview was shot with two cameras using old footage provided by the subject I was shooting, which is why some of the footage looks a little dated, but the overall video looks pretty good.

These two ads were for the same company but under different names. They created a wide variety of different home-healthcare type products for sale on Facebook and Instagram. Over the course of several months we were filming about 2-3 of these types of videos per week. The company gave me very little direction except for telling what the product did and how to demonstrate it. I was responsible for the location, models, shooting, editing, etc. One was shot in a warehouse, the other in an in-house studio we created with different backdrops, green screen, and other set pieces. For IG we did these videos as square crops.

Something purely for fun with a bit more of a cinematic look than some of the other videos here. This is my friend Cherish Stahl. Cherish is a local business owner employing approximately 75 employees…specifically the “showgirls” you see walking up and down the Strip. In 2019 she was involved in a major car accident where a drunk driver ran a light and hit her in her SUV…she was not expected to survive. Through a long road of therapy, she’s doing well but was suffering some severe self-confidence issues and wanted to shoot a fun video just to get her out of her shell a bit, so we shot this just before the Strip was fully shut-down due to Covid.